The FAME DJ School since 1997 has taught and certified over 1000 Mobile DJ's in the U.S. and all over the world.

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Many ways to learn from us.

The four items below are just the beginning, we offer personalized instruction, so if you want some of this or none of that we can make it happen.  Some individuals do well from books, others from video and some from personal one on one instructions.  We will listen to your needs

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# 1 The FAME DJ School Manual


The 65 page manual, contains the entire 6 class curriculum.  Which Includes: 

Activities over 35 different ways to get your group up and having a blast

Wedding Protocol Everything to make you stand out as a wedding DJ

Emcee Skills Tricks of the trade on how to be a fantastic public speakr and command attention

Equipment Not as much about brands or types more about troubleshooting and being prepared

Karaoke The how to’s and the do’s and don’t of being the absolute best karaoke host in your market

Music Knowledge Showing you the music of the last 75 years that will make you $$$ as a mobile DJ

this manual runs concurrent with the DVD set if watched simultaneously



#2 The FAME DJ Classes DVD set


12 Hours of a LIVE classroom sessions, broken down into each of the 6 classes of the FAME curriculum.  The benefit to owning the set, means you can brush up whenever necessary and watch the classes at your leisure.


#3 FAME LIVE classroom instruction

$1250.00 per Student

An instructor to teach you and your fellow classmates the entirety of the FAME classes in person, at your facility or ours in Florida. 

The 12 hours of classroom training is normally done over one weeks time period, to include on the job training at events either in your local area or in ours.


#4 The FAME all in one package


One on one classroom training, and the manual to go with the curriculum, and a full set of the FAME dvd’s to keep for all future training needs.  Our instructors can come to you, or you may come to us at our locations in Florida.  Travel and accomodations costs not included

INSTRUCTORS & How much experience

Robb Smith, Founder and Owner Since 1988

Marc Burgess, Senior Instructor Since 1994

Keith Smith, Midwest Instructor Since 1998

Eric Godfrey, East Coast Instr.  Since 1986 Dave Johnson, Western Instr. Since 1984

Literally thousands of events of experience to learn from, we come to you!

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Customer Testimonials and reviews

Our clients are from brand new DJ’s with no experience to some with as many as 25 years or more. Listen to these

FAME was an eye opener!

I thought I knew it all!

All my staff are now FAME trained

I learned so much!

We specialize in training everyone from the novice to the experienced.  Solo op to the multi system operator.  Call us now and find out what we can do for you. 866-363-3263

   Our curriculum is also available for download directly to your computer.  Visit our products page for pricing and information

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