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On our home page there are video messages from some of our clients from all over the U.S.

In addition to them here are just a few written reviews from many satisfied companies.


Check out these testimonials from our recent
Pittsburgh FAME Seminar

Hi Robb,
First of all, the main reason I came to attend your training sessions, was to see where I could improve in my salesmanship and business organization. Second, I’ve heard a lot of unflattering things about you from others that have misinterpreted your message in the past, and would rather have experienced your seminar myself, instead of disliking someone I’ve never met from other people’s opinions.

I’ve learned so much from you on the business side of our industry, and new things I can implement on the entertainment side. Your insight and observation of my personality was a real confidence booster, and I will treasure meeting you for the rest of my life. Also your assessment of my image needing a change was also helpful,

I will be taking steps to make some gradual changes, and hopefully, the benefit will be great.

Don’t know how to thank you!

Aaron R. Howard – Owner
NAMELESS ENTERTAINMENT – Music For Everyone’s Soul!!

Hi Robb,

I just wanted to thank you for a great seminar. Dustin and I both learned a lot this week. We implemented a few of the dances and interaction ideas you gave us at our event last night (a middle school dance) and we both noticed a huge difference.

I was just watching the testimonial videos on the website. The group photo, I was wondering if you could e-mail it to me?

Thanks again!

DJ (Douglas) Kimmel
Top Dog Productions


I had my first wedding reception since the FAME training in Pittsburgh and I just wanted to let you know that thanks to that training, we were able to ratchet up our performance another notch, giving us that ‘spark’ that we needed. I’ve attended other dj programs that were informative but your teaching technique allowed me to see new opportunities that I was able to use and more importantly that worked. I plan on sending to your FAME training, a few individuals who work with me, when you return to the area. Your training is that firm foundation that I have been looking for in which to build a business.

P.S. A brief conversation with Eric gave me some real insight that caused me to reach to the next level. So…..all-in-all a power packed and productive three days well spent.

Thanks John
John Ricci

Client Testimonials

From :Chris Armistead 7/01/09

Robb your training helped us out this past weekend. We had a really really tough crowd. They woudn’t dance for nothin. I was just about to give up and go home early, then I remembered you said that the only difference between a good DJ and a bad one is that a good DJ never quits trying. We ditched the music and went with a bunch of interactive games we learned from Robbie Britton in TN and some interactive dances we learned from you. We finally got the crowd with us and ended up rocking that reception. The bride told us it was the best day of her LIFE. Thanks.


Hi Robb,

I have been DJ’ing since 1980 and doing weddings since 1982. After years and years of being the “diamond in the rough”, that part time DJ hobbyist who really cared about your event and did not charge too much, I decided in 2003 that my part time business needed to become full time… I was doing about 50 events myself per year and having 2 other gentleman do about 25 each per year. Things took off great, but we were still not getting where I wanted to be… I want to be “THE DJ” in our market…

It took us 3 years, but we now are “THE DJ” in our market of over 300 companies. There are some other great companies and to be fair there are probably 2 or 3 other companies looked upon at the same level What turned it around for us…. EDUCATION! Yeah, I know what I was doing and thought I was great. I started networking with other DJ’s via WEDJ, ADJA, and NAME. It was through NAME and WEDJ that I ran into Robb Smith, founder of the FAME DJ School. At a beginner’s level I sat and took Robb’s DJ Certification Course and while it was a great refresher on many things, I picked up a TON of fresh ideas and approaches, a myriad of extra interactive activities to do with the crowd and a different viewpoint on approaching my business. I then took the FAST Sales Training Course and although I was closing about 75% of my meetings I began getting larger fees, booking more events and closing more like 85%-90% of my meetings.

I now use his training course to teach all of our DJ’s and all are required to pass the course to do events on their own. Even the veterans have picked up some great new skills. Since we started this program we have also used ADJA training and meetings, NAME training seminars, Mobile Beat conferences, and a lot of other video series training. Out of all of these, the most effective and influential has been the FAME training.

Since 2001, our business has grown by 1000%. Yes, you read that correctly.. I have 10 X the business I had 5 years ago… In the last 2 years we have doubled. I give credit to hard work and education, but mainly to the FAME DJ Training series.

We have just received an award from Arizona Bride Magazine. They polled over 1000 brides in Arizona and we were voted Best DJ Service in Arizona and even better… We won the “Top of the Tiara” award as the BEST WEDDING VENDOR IN ARIZONA. THANK YOU ROBB SMITH and FAME! I am now becoming a certified instructor for FAME. Why? I absolutely believe in this product and my business is an example of what it can do for anyone willing to work to better their performance or their business!

If you want to invest money in your greatest tool as a DJ. Get some quality education… everyone has a cool CD player and kickin’ speakers. It is the DJ running the equipment and more importantly the event that makes the difference!

Eric Godfrey
Business Manager
Starz Entertainment


We haven’t been in contact for awhile.  Hope all is well.  I have some wonderful news to share.  We did a wedding on Saturday.  Several people came up to me and went on and on about how organized and wonderful it was.
Yesterday I received a note in the mail from the bride’s father saying how pleased everyone was along with a $200.00 tip.  I get tipped on a regular basis and when I do I always smile and think “Rob taught me well.”  Yesterday took that thought to a whole new level.  That is my first $200.00 tip and when I opened that envelope it was not only like hitting the lottery, but it also made me realize more than ever that the skills and confidence Chris and I have now came from the FAME DVDs and from the training that I received from you and Marc in Florida.
We are getting from $700.00 to $1,100.00 per gig now plus tips.  We feel our service is worth it, but without the FAST Sales Training and your advice along with the knowledge we have received from other NAME members we would have never had the courage to ask for it.
We joined NAME because we knew you were a part of it.  We figured if you endorsed it then it was a good organization.  At the conference in Nashville, we gained a lot of knowledge in the seminars and just as much in the hallways talking to other DJs from other areas.
I know I have told you this many times before, but I have to say it once again.  Thanks for all the training and advice you have given us!  It is all finally starting to pay off. 
Carla Armistead
Southern Soundz Entertainment


Hi Robb!
Great listening and learning from you on the WeDJ cruise! Happy to hear you’ll be mobile again soon 🙂
I wanted to let you know since returning from the trip, I have begun asking my brides how they want their wedding photographed as you suggested. How amazing! Many know exactly what they want and some are a bit puzzled, which shows they’ve not ever been asked this, but even they can come up with an answer after the initial shock wears off 🙂 The best thing, is as you mentioned, they are telling me exactly how to sell them. Thanks SO much. Just this one bit of advice from you was worth the entire price for the cruise tenfold. Thanks for sharing and helping my business grow!

Jenni Merrill

PS-I’d love more info on where to buy some of your marketing genius!

Heirloom Photographic Memories
by Jenni Merrill
“Creating photographic memories in the comfort of your home or for your special occasion” <>
(319) 415-7441


Hello Rob!

This is Ken “Denver Ken” Fisk at A&J Entertainment in Denver. I thought I would drop a short note to give credit where credit is due! I thought your keynote address and the follow up session on sales techniques were far and away the best seminars on the whole cruise and I really enjoyed them. I have taken some of your advice and integrated some of your techniques, including not accepting “I’ll think about it”. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but I have booked EVERY client I have met with since the cruise and have found my sales presentation is much improved. Thank you for your help!!!  It just goes to show, just when you think you know it all, that’s the moment you get smacked up side the head with something that can take you to the next level. I look forward to seeing you on next year’s cruise.

Ken Fisk

A&J Entertainment & Photography








Dear FAME, Thank you for the knowledge and confidence it takes to be a better DJ. Your course helped and showed me what it takes to be the best I can be. Thanks to you it’s been great and it keeps getting better.
Rudy Duron
Duron Duron DJ Services.
Dallas Texas


Dear Robb,


I wanted to thank you! We have learned a great deal from both of those DVD’s.  We specialize in weddings.  On Saturday night I used the MLT in the early stages of the reception with a heavy hitting slow song right after the twist contest.  My husband and I were both amazed at the results.  IT WORKS!  I know you already know that, but It works much better than we ever imagined.  When I was finished there were two people in the entire room sitting down. One was a teenage boy and the other was an elderly woman. 


Thanks again,

Clara Armistead


Dear Robb:

I was going back and forth via email with someone planning a party in a major city in my area, and based on what their needs were, I was going to charge them $1500, but I continued to shut up and let them tell me how to sell to them and when it came to price, they said they wanted to be under $3000! Dam, I said to myself, and told the prospect, how about if I keep you well within your budget and take care of you for $2495? Now I have a new client and think I have a new best friend:)
FAST training + NAME conference + Lagoon’s + hotel + bar tabs = $600 +/-
One great sale with larger profit based on new knowledge, priceless! (well, ok, $1000)
Thanks again, just wanted to say even though I had already been practicing a lot of what you preached in your seminars, I did pick up at least one very profitable thing and that’s what makes it so worth going to training, and foolish if you don’t.

This next testimonial came one year after the one directly above:

Hi Robb.

I just had to drop you another note to say thank you for what you are doing for
our industry. I took your FAME course in April of 2005. Well, I’ve applied a lot
of what you taught me and now I have some REAL numbers to report.

Before taking your course, the most I ever grossed as a mobile DJ was $62,000 for the year. Now, as 2006 is starting to wind down, I’m looking at my books. Wouldn’t ya know…I’m gonna gross about $120,000 this year?!!! That’s TWICE my best year ever! And this is as a single op too! Sure, there’s expenses to be deducted, but still, $120K!!!

Just had to say it again, thank you!

Brian Fligg
Sonic DJ
“Your insurance policy to a successful event.”

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 Posted on : March 10, 2015