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Please contact us if you have further questions, we hope most if all can be answered in the 2 minute FAQ video on the first page of the site, however, these questions come up from time to time.

For Beatmixing or Scratching DJ skills we recommend you contact
What does No Beatmixing or Scratching Mean? We teach you how to make a living as a professional mobile entertainer.   Scratching and beatmixing are primarily done at a night club and True Mobile DJ’s are almost never required to have any knowledge of these techniques.
How long does the course take? It depends on your individual availability, usually less than one week if taken concurrently.  Normally 6 weeks.
What is the cost? Call our office for current pricing
Should I send my DJ’s to your facility or can you come to my location? It is far less expensive to bring a FAME instructor to your location. people are more comfortable in their own surroundings.
Can I begin working as a DJ immediately? YES, your drive to become a DJ is controlled by you, if you have equipment, then once the course is completed you can begin marketing right away.
What if I have questions after the instructor has gone, and the information is not in the manual? You can contact FAME anytime after the session and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, with pleasure.
What qualifications do your instructors have? A minimum of five years experience in Mobile DJing, no less than 500 parties completed personally, and a successful track record in running a DJ business. They also must be a former graduate of the course.
What do I need to provide if your instructors come to our site? Travel expenses, (you may book them), overnight accommodations, a classroom type facility (tables and chairs) small P.A. System, microphone etc. Dry erase or blackboard.
Do you participate in various trades shows? Mobile beat etc? Yes, we do seminars in all aspects of Mobile Djing at these types of shows. We teach you how to be a better DJ not how to buy expensive equipment. Check your magazines to see where we will be.
When is the next class? Please call us directly to see when the next class is scheduled or perhaps we can come to you.
Can I bring other DJ companies to my classes and charge them a fee? Yes, several companies offset their cost by bringing in their competition and charge them a “Sit In” fee. As long as we are compensated for the true number of students taught.
Do you teach Radio Broadcast Techniques? No.

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 Posted on : March 10, 2015